Heaven Media Branding
Revolut x Sidemen - Launch Campaign
Mech Arena - Launch Campaign
Boost Gaming x JLINGZ eSports - Launch Campaign
BBC Maestro - Rebrand Proposal
SKY - No Room For Abuse
Jurassic World Evolution - Launch Event AWARD WINNER
Samsung Snippet
Elite Dangerous - Premium Backers Edition Box
Frontier Foundry - Logo Design
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - Announcement Trailer
Return to Jurassic Park - Launch Trailer
Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack - Launch Trailer
DO NOT SKIP - YouTube Works 2019: WINNER
Planet Coaster x Ghostbusters - Launch Trailer
Planet Zoo - Branding
Planet Zoo - Launch Event
Return to Jurassic Park - Species Profiles
Planet Zoo - Launch Trailer
Frontier Developments Celebrating 25 Years
Planet Coaster - Branding
Planet Zoo - Pre-Order Trailer
Jurassic World Evolution - Launch Trailer
Jurassic World Evolution: Claire's Sanctuary
Return to Jurassic Park - Announcement Trailer
Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets of Dr. Wu
The Making of Planet Zoo: Creating a Theme Song
Planet Coaster x Ghostbusters - Announcement Trailer
Planet Zoo - Announcement Trailer
Jurassic World Evolution Paradise & Chaos - Key Art
Planet Zoo - E3 Trailer
Jurassic World Evolution - Key Art & Box Art
Jurassic World Evolution - Custom Consoles
Planet Coaster x Ghostbusters™ - Key Art
Frontier Developments - E3 2019 Exhibit
Jurassic World Evolution - Interview with Jeff Goldblum
Planet Zoo - Key Art
Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack - Key Art
Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Ch. 4 Announcement Trailer
Planet Coaster: Magnificent Rides Collection - Trailer
Planet Coaster x Carowinds Copperhead Strike - Trailer
Planet Zoo - BETA Trailer
Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Ch. 3 Announcement Trailer
Jurassic World Evolution - Pre-Order Trailer
Learn to LOVE Stress - Book Cover Design
The Doughnut Kitchen - Branding
Crossing The Streams - Branding
Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Ch. 2 Announcement Trailer
Planet Coaster: Adventure Pack - Trailer
Planet Coaster: Studios Pack - Trailer
Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Key Art
Planet Zoo - Magazine Artwork
Planet Coaster: Vintage Pack - Trailer
Planet Coaster: World's Fair Pack - Trailer
Planet Coaster: 1 Year Celebration - Trailer
Elite Dangerous: Introducing the Guardian Fighter
Frontier Soundtrack Artwork
Feed the Lions - Planet Zoo Digital Advertisement
Join Our Team - Frontier Recruitment Video
Frontier - Website Design
Planet Zoo - Website Design
Elite Dangerous - Website Design
Planet Coaster - Website Design
Elite Dangerous: Arena Logo Design
Elite Dangerous Merchandise
When in Rome - Photomontage Booklet
Conspiracy Theory 9/11
New York Illustration Stamp Book
Conspiracy Series Screen-printed Posters
Tranquility Branding
InnerGlow Branding
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